Event Details

• 16 participants compete in a one-on-one encounter to capture the crowd and write-off the competition
Each encounter has its own theme; its own tune genre
3 songs are played per round by each participant (Songs cannot be repeated)
Participants battle back and forth playing 30 seconds of each song, seamlessly alternating tracks
Winners are judged by crowd response, as gauged by the MC
Ties result in a one-song sudden death playoff

Interested participants are invited to come out on the event day and submit their name to the BeatFire® team.
Once all potential participants submit their names, the BeatFire® team will randomly select 16 participants for the battle.

Just remember, THE CROWD DECIDES THE WINNER, so the more limers you bring out, the better your chance of winning.

Admission: FREE
Venue – Spirits Bar & Lounge
Time – 6pm to 11pm
Age Limits – 18 years and Over (All Participants and Attendees)

Spirits Bar & Lounge

#5 Cipriani Boulevard, 0000 Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago